Little Buddy Cafe

Den of Nerdom

Following a fresh signage makeover, we decided to check out Little Buddy Cafe, a quirky venue in the middle of suburbia. As we stroll through the door, it feels as though we have been teleported to a place that has stolen artefacts throughout time and space to furnish its interior.

Tables and chairs are mismatched and range in decade of manufacture; walls are decorated with cork board and flyers, local artist works, and posters of comic book heroes. Yes, we have entered a venue of clear fandom, spotting memorabilia from many Sci-Fi series including Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars, to name just a few.


Sadly, light is dim, the front windows providing natural lighting for the entrance, but not enough to penetrate the rear. It is here that we find ourselves seated, our table lit by the glow of the sandwich counter fridge. We seat ourselves, no staff in sight, and gain some attention as we pour over the small menu.

Coffee and meals are ordered simultaneously, the beverages arriving soon after, other visitors already served and buried within a book. It’s decent coffee, well crafted by the barista but nothing noteworthy.


Food is delivered unceremoniously, looking like takeaway. Whilst it isn’t much to look at, it’s hearty and satisfying, opting for comfort over unique flavours. It hits us then that Little Buddy caters mainly for takeaways for lunch (the sandwich bar a giveaway) and for regulars who come to relax in a book or concentrate on some laptop business.


As we go to pay, we take in array of toys and collectibles the owner has amassed behind the counter. He speaks to us passionately about his collection and what he has built, noting some of his favourite pieces.


Our journey to this geeky grotto was certainly out of the ordinary. Although we wouldn’t return to eat, we can see another reason to return. It’s a great place to grab a coffee and escape into your own world, a service many venues no longer offer.

 Rating – 64% 


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