Fingers Crossed

With the new developments happening around Ringwood, it’s no surprise the brunch scene wants in on the action. We discovered Fingers Crossed, an establishment that would fit right into Collingwood, but instead brings the magic out to the ‘burbs.

Entering off the busy Maroondah Highway, red brick, bar stool tables, and hipster metal work greet our eyes in the main dining area, filled with natural light. Smiling staff bid us welcome and ask us where we would like to be seated. On warm days, a walled courtyard at the exterior is the perfect setting, offering cool breezes to diners. There’s still a little work to be done on the design, but with a newly acquired liquor license, it serves as a great meetup for evening drinks.

Briefly experiencing the courtyard (and its cool breeze), we opt for a table inside, giving our coffee orders as we take our seats. Axil cups and their signature blend are delivered to us moments later, expertly crafted by today’s barista. There’s a great variety of milk options, with a single 50 cent surcharge for almond, soy or lactose free.

Now that we are caffeinated, attention is diverted to the menu. Names are fun, and the creations enticing. The only downside is the lack of dietary accommodating options advertised on the menu. They are available, but require guests to enquire with the wait staff. IMG_2200.jpg

We struggle to make a choice, which is great for encouraging a return visit, but when in doubt, revert to eggs. It’s a good thing we did too, as the poached eggs were literally perfect (and we mean literally). Served neatly on bread or complement, these glossy beauties looked illusory, until we burst their thin outer layer and let the yolk run wild. The saltiness of the chorizo combined wonderfully with the crisp lettuce and yolk pool that had accumulated. For the extra hungry, the pulled pork is a great accompanying side, contributing well to the textures and flavours of most dishes.

The rest of our visit is conducted amicably by the smiling staff, who we have met at other venues on our brunch travels. The prices are fair, and a coffee card is available for those wishing to pick up their morning brew on the way to work. We will return for sure!

Rating – 84%


One thought on “Fingers Crossed

  1. Nick (Fingers Crossed) says:

    Thank you very much for the comments. We appreciate such great reviews!
    I will certainly take on board adding some information about dietary requirements to the menu now we have moved to a bigger layout.


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