From on High

Some cafes live on through the charity of their regulars, content with what they offer. This was the feeling we got when visiting From on High, a quaint venue with decent offerings and a tired veneer.

Entering through the small double doors, we are greeted and shown to our table with minor enthusiasm. The wood is slightly sticky, whether it be the humidity or the lack of a decent grease cutting agent, we are unsure. We don’t wander too far, but note there is a courtyard and upstairs area offering more seating. Décor is simple, but comfortable, the large windows bringing sunlight into the venue give it a warm, homely feel.

Drink orders are taken from our unsmiling waitress as we peruse the menu. The variety is pleasing, including gluten free options, most meals incorporating fresh vegetables or meat. As we place our orders, coffee arrives. Strength is mild but enjoyable, the chai is robust for those after a milkier beverage. IMG_2223.jpg

Our food arrives with little ceremony, the portion sizes adequate, except the poached on toast. Thankfully the flavours are fulfilling; the mushroom mix is well seasoned, combining perfectly with the polenta chips they adorn. However, our eggs are slightly overdone, a sad drizzle of yolk escaping when pierced by our cutlery.

The meal wraps with our stomachs satisfied, our wallets less so. For the size of our meals, the prices are slightly inflated. Considering the options are not overly complicated, there is no reason to charge at CBD prices.

We leave with a half-hearted call out to “have a good day” from behind the bar. We understand that people are tired over the Christmas period, but we would have enjoyed a little more interest from the staff. Hopefully the regulars don’t feel the same way.

Rating – 65%  


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