Each location is reviewed by a panel to provide fair critique of the venue, balancing out the good times with the bad.

Our rating scheme focuses on five core areas to devise a score.

Service – customer service is everything these days. The way you are greeted and staff responsiveness can make or break a brunch. That’s why we have broken down service into the attentiveness and friendliness of staff. Pro tip: you should be asked if you want coffee when you are seated.

Coffee – we Melbournians love our coffee, which is why it contributes a significant weight to our rating. The taste, consistency and warmth of a coffee are just a few factors we take into consideration.

Food – obviously food was going to show up eventually or else we would be the Coffee Club (and infringing on a business name). We take into account the variety on the menu as well as the availability of allergen-friendly meals. The quality of the food, like coffee, plays a pivotal role in the final score.

Experience – this is another multi-layered score, influenced by the atmosphere, the food presentation and the overall flow of business.

Price – none of us have given up our day jobs (yet), so we take price quite seriously. We want to make sure brunchers are getting value for money, and whilst we won’t break down our bill for you, we will let you know if the price is right.